To get involved simply make a donation by buying Pet Credits.
Our Wellfare organisations can utilise them to acquire services from our Service Partners.

What are PET CREDITS ?

At our foundation, we use a unique currency called Pet Credits. This currency allows donors to make a difference in the lives of unwanted and rescue pets while having the flexibility to choose which welfare organization benefits from their donation. The welfare organizations then use these Pet Credits to "buy" services they need from our service partners.

When people donate Pet Credits, 50% of the fee is immediately allocated for the use of donations in the form of service and product from our AWARE Service Partners, while 50% goes to admin fees, operational costs and into the reserve fund of our foundation where it is stored for bigger projects or special needs. We are a registered NPO and therefor do not have shareholders and are required by law to keep book of how funding is utilized. This ensures that the bulk of donations goes directly towards the care of animals in need, while also allowing us to grow and sustain our operations. One PET CREDIT costs R100.

In time, donors have the option to specify which welfare organization (that must be a member of AWARE) must benefit from their donation if the amount is more than a qualifying value. Currently, donors can make contributions without specifying a beneficiary. Our foundation will use it for welfare organisations that need it at our own discretion.

Donors have the option to remain anonymous or choose to be listed on our donor page when we make it available. We respect the privacy of our donors and understand that some may prefer to remain anonymous, while others may want to be recognized for their contribution.

Pet Credits are a powerful way to make a difference in the lives of unwanted and rescue pets. By donating Pet Credits, you're not only providing crucial support to animal welfare organizations, but you're also empowering yourself to make a direct impact on the animals you care about.

Thank you for considering donating Pet Credits through Annie's Animal Welfare and Rescue Enrichment Foundation. Contributing through our foundation ensures that your funding is used effectively and directly benefits the animals in need.

Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of unwanted and rescue pets in South Africa by providing the necessary support to animal welfare and rescue organizations.

*Please note that while euthanasia may be seen as an act of kindness in certain situations and expensive, it cannot be utilized with Pet Credits. This is due to the complexity of investigating each situation and ensuring that the service is used for appropriate purposes that align with our mission.


PET CREDITS are only sold online by using our secure third party payment gateway - PAYFAST. Simply choose the amount you want to contribute on our donations page and follow the prompts to check out.